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The mobile computing success of last year was without doubt Apple’s iPad tablet which managed to outstrip its rivals and break through to a mass market. Looking ahead, it is now possible to identify 5 mobile computing trends for 2021.

The success of the Apple iPad has led to the launch of other tablets by competitors including Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and the Dell Inspiron Duo . And more are in the pipeline with Blackberry manufacturer RIM and Cisco both expected to bring out tablet s this year. It is Apple’s iPad however that is expected to make up around eighty per cent of the twenty four million tablets U.S. consumers are projected to buy in 2021.

Another of the 5 mobile computing trends for 2021will be netbooks becoming as powerful as laptops. Again, Apple are already ahead of the curve with its eleven inch but other manufacturers are sure to follow suit by the end of the year.

Linked to this is another of the 5 mobile computing trends for 2021, the continuing advance of smartphones such as Android, the Apple iOS and Windows Phone 7. The new Google Nexus S is also the first smartphone to feature Near-Field Communication which allows wireless communication within four inches, for example to make payments while out shopping. One of the knock-on effects of web browsing becoming more mobile is that companies who sell products and services online will also need to upgrade their home pages so that they can be easily viewed by smartphone users. You could even play your favorite sports betting games on your device by visiting www.ufabet168.info.

Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites continued to grow in 2020 and this is expected to continue through 2021. Linked to this is the fourth of the 5 mobile computing trends for 2021, users accessing these sites through mobile devices.

The final of the 5 mobile computing trends for 2021 will be location-aware social networks such as Foursquare, Loopt and Yelp becoming increasingly popular as more and more smartphones become GPS-enabled. This will see millions of smartphone users ‘” not just the young and technology savvy ‘” “checking in” at shops, restaurants and bars in order to take advantage of promotional offers.