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Content Marketing is an important tool that helps a person distinguish his business from the competitors in the market. Content is the heart of any business and major marketing campaigns that turned out eventually successful. Successful content is the one that has been curated by the content creators in a way that turns out to be relevant and can establish a connection with the audience of the company.

The Best Content Marketing Tools:

The lists of top tools that can be used to boost the business are as follows:

    • Google Alerts: Google alerts the tool used to monitor and respond to topics that hold a lot of importance to the business. It also helps to track all the online mentions of business. To do so, one needs to set up an alarm for the business name, resource title, important keywords and obtain daily weekly and real-time alerts.
    • Feedly: Feedly is one content marketing tool that no business can exist without. It is one of the best methods to have a great know-how of all the topics and websites that need to be followed. Feedly helps to stay in touch with news, find items worth sharing and find out novel topics.
    • Shutterstock: To create extraordinary content that stands out, the content creators need to curate content that catches the customer’s eye. Shutterstock helps to give huge access to a plethora of images, illustrations, and vector images. To find the best image, one can search using filters of image type and colour.
    • Google Docs: Software used for analysis is used to check the most successful posts by the business, copied onto Google Docs and then exported as PDF.
    • Colours: This tool is used to generate a colour scheme for the upgrade of content. This tool gives a readymade palette of design and colours quickly. The colour schemes can also be reused and saved.
    • Audacity: Content can be upgraded using an audio file that helps the business connect with it. The popularity of podcasts has led to the use of this option as a viable one. However, this program has a learning curve to it.
    • Hootsuite: Hootsuite is filled with multiple features that help to schedule and create posts of social media for multiple platforms and musters the analytics on the working of the content.
    • Facebook Insights: The use of Facebook to market the business and generate leads is needed to keep a tab on content performance. This can be done by using the analytics tool of Facebook, which is built-in. Demographics of the audience can be understood, and the contents that get the most attention from people can be analysed.
    • BuzzSumo: It is the most excellent tool which works in an all-around manner. It helps to view the content that has been shared the most. It also helps in tracking the content that has been trending a lot. Tailoring one’s content becomes easier by looking at what other influencers share.

On average, around five digital marketing tools should be used to achieve the best business results for the business. But, unfortunately, there is a horde of tools available in the market; hence the choice of these tools is a very tough job.