I can remember a time when a postage stamp was about 20 cents and what an uproar it caused when the postal service raised stamps to 25 cents. Easily the Internet has affected the post office in a major way and it is costing us almost twice as much to mail a letter than when I was just a teenager, but has the Internet really forced us to pay more to mail our letters? And via internet, we could now make a decent amount of money simply by playing some fun sports betting games via 

The answer is OF COURSE NOT!

Where as I can remember a time that nearly every bill, every post card and Thank You Note went through the post office. With the insurgence of the Internet and email perhaps 5% of my bills are paid via “snail mail” as it is most apt to be called today. So as where being an adult today I may be spending 41 cents to mail one or two letters via the postal system, the other 12 of course are paid electronically – Meaning free! Even at 20 cents a stamp I would still be saving a lot more money due to the Internet and electronic transfer systems. The effect the Internet has had in this particular area has been very positive for most of us.

Internet’s impact on communication in general has been clearly explosive. It is possible that we are going to use various social media and crypto trading platforms with the help of Web3.0. Don’t ask me why, but I’m more likely to wait until I get to my office or home so that I can jump over to the computer and utilize the Internet to send an email than I would to pick-up the cell phone to call a person. Many people I believe are like that too. Look at how huge text messaging has become and we have the phones right their in our hands. The positive of the Internet in this area is that communication with family and friends happens more often and it’s easy to reach them – Even when you can’t reach them you still reach them because we are on the Internet and checking our emails about 5 times per day.

The Internet’s influence on the news both how we get it and how we process it has become amazing. Remember when most news watchers got their info from the local TV station having to wait to around 5 or 6pm or late at night? I do. The more in-depth coverage of an event normally came from the newspaper or weekly business magazine. Well not any more. It’s the Internet and your homepage that is where we get the latest breaking news. In this modern age, the evening news is OLD NEWS!

Because of the Internet we have nearly an instantaneous pulse on any event that happens anywhere in the world -major even or small. Stories that we once only heard about a week after the event had passed – Yes, I’m serious before the Internet stories broke a week after it happened unless it was a major event. Now the moment any celebrity or athlete stumps their toe – We know about it! Not sure if that’s a positive influence of the Internet or not.

Overall, the Internet may quite possibly be the biggest positive innovation in history.